I want you to have the best possible experience selling the home have and buying the home you want.

As your coach, guide, promoter, negotiator, and advocate, I help you get smoothly and successfully from where you are to where you want to be.


These tips will protect you from the detours, delays, and dead ends that could keep you from enjoying the adventure.


Secure my help right away

Don’t try to do this on your own. My help and support will save you hassle, heartburn, and headaches. The sooner we start talking, the better strategy I can help you build. Every part of this complicated process has to come together for you to succeed, so you need someone qualified to coordinate all the details.


Get pre-approved at the beginning

Don’t miss out on great opportunities or set your heart on homes that are out of reach.  I’ll show you how much cash you can expect to net from your sale. Confirm both your maximum and your ideal price range. Discover whether or not you have to sell first before you can buy.


Confirm your goal and strategy

Don’t sabotage your success by getting being unclear where you are going or by stuck half way. I’ll take you to see available homes that could work so you can make sure you like them enough better to want to move. I’ll help you plan the timing of both your sale and your purchase so you can be in as much control as possible of how your transition unfolds.


Prepare your current house to win

Don’t miss out on the profit that comes from buyers falling in love with your house when they first see it. Home selling is a beauty contest, and buyers pick the pretty ones. Don’t waste time or money on expensive improvements that don’t make you money. My no-obligation room-by-room review helps you choose which projects to do before you sell.


Start selling at a competitive price

Don’t cost yourself time and money by starting your sale with a price so high that current buyers pass you by. You’ll have the most attention from current buyers when we start marketing your house. I’ll show you how to price your house strategically to actually sell for top dollar. 


Stay primed in your home search

Don’t increase your stress by not being ready to choose quickly when the time is right. We will keep looking at homes while we are working to sell your current house. Especially if you have to sell first so you can buy, keep a running list of your top two or three favorites so you always know which home you want when you are free to choose.



Don’t let your emotions keep you from winning. Negotiating for yourself is like trying to do surgery on yourself. Let my skill and experience help secure what is important to you. Keep the goal in mind and don’t get lost in the details.


Ask all your questions

Don’t get surprised because you were assuming. Information is power, and clarity is security. I am here to find the answers you need to know.


Pay attention to the details

Don’t let your hard work end in failure because something slipped through the cracks. I’ll coordinate all the people, paperwork, communications, and events required to protect you. I manage a team of professionals working for your success.


Keep healthy perspective

Don’t let the stress and emotional roller coaster sidetrack you or keep you from enjoying the experience and growing through it. Keep your priorities in focus. Nurture the relationships that make your house a home. Keep the big picture and ultimate goal in mind.