C H A N G I N G   H O M E S    

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Step 1


How much new home can you afford?

I’ll help you predict how much we can sell your current house for and see how much you will net from the sale. I’ll help you connect with a great lender who can pre-approve you and show you both the maximum you can qualify to borrow and the price range of home that comfortably fits your budget.

Do you like the available homes better?

I’ll set up a home-search website where you can see all the available homes that might interest you. We can visit a few of the homes that look interesting, so you can see whether you like them enough better than your current house to make the change.

Could you buy before you sell?

You’ll have maximum flexibility and control if your available cash and/or credit qualifications enable you to buy what you want without depending on selling. Could you recast your loan for better payments after you get the cash from selling your old house? Would a bridge loan make it possible for you to buy before your sale is complete? Most people can only afford to own one home at a time, so don’t worry if buying first isn’t an option for you.

Step 2


If you have to sell first

We can get your current home sold and then find and secure your new one. You can shop for your new home with confidence and make a strong, non-contingent offer on the one you love. You’ll have to live somewhere for the month or two in-between, so you’ll probably need to move twice. Or we can plan for you to buy at the same time you sell so you only have to move once. Your offer will need to be contingent on your successful sale, so we will need to be well on our way toward selling when we find the home you want. We will try to set up your closings back-to-back. 

If you choose to sell first

You don’t need to worry about owning both homes for a little while at the same time. You’ll still have to choose between moving twice or trying to get everything done at once. If a great home comes available and you really want it, you can always choose to secure it while we are still working on selling.

If you choose to buy first

You have the luxury of taking your time to choose the home you want without having to worry about moving twice. You can make a non-contingent offer on the home you love, so you are in the best position to secure it at terms you can be happy with. We can time your closings so you can take your time moving and cleaning up the old house. You won’t have any payments on your new home until the second month after you close. If you are willing to risk possibly having to make payments on both houses for a month or two, you can clean up, stage, and show the old house move into your new home then so your life never needs to be interrupted by showings.


Step 3


Do what makes sense for now

No matter which strategy you choose, there are steps we know make sense. Let’s connect with a lender and start finding out about homes you like, then, let’s start getting your current house ready to impress buyers.

I help you with every step 

I help you gather the information you need to choose which strategy is best for you. My priority is to take care of you through this exciting journey so you enjoy the process and end up where you want to be.