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Are You Restless?

Are you frustrated by the way your Landlord and lease limit your freedom?

Do you long for your own space where you can live the way you want to and follow your own dreams?

Do you wish you had the freedom to make your home fit your life instead of shaping your life to fit your home?

Do you want a secure, stable place for you and your family to grow and thrive?

Do you ever worry that your landlord might raise your rent or choose not to renew your lease?

Are you tired of making endless payments and having nothing to show for them?

Are you ready to start building your own wealth instead of padding your landlord's savings?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you're probably motivated to do what it takes to own your own home. If not, you'll probably be happier continuing to rent for a little while. 


Are You Rooted?

Is your life stable enough that a longterm commitment to your home makes sense? 

Are you likely to be able to stay in your job for the foreseeable future? 

Do your plans for your next steps include staying in the area? 

Do you have connections to family, friends, church, or other relation communities here? Or do plan to create those relationships when you move here?

Do you expect your family situation to be fairly predictable in the near future? 

Owning your home instead of renting gives you a great foundation for building long-term stability, but it may also limit your flexibility to make a quick move if you want to make a big change in the next few years. 


Are You Responsible?

Have you been faithful with the life and finial commitments you have made?

Do you have good credit?


Have you generally paid all your bills on time?

Do you have a track record of sticking with things your start? 

Do you tend to follow through instead of quitting when things start to feel hard or boring?

Do you work things out with those around you instead of trying to get away from "those people"?

If you have been successful in your responsibilities, you will probably be successful owning a home. If not, start by being responsible where you are. 


Are You Resourseful?

Do you have the ability to take care of the challenges that will almost certainly come when you own home?

Are you ready to take responsibility for whatever maintenance and repairs are needed?

Do you have the skills tp take care pf the basic things yourself? Or the willingness to learn? Or friends and family who can help? Or finances to pay a contractor?

When you own a home, there will be no landlord to call if something needs to be fixed. If problems arise they will be yours to handle.


Are You Ready?

When you choose to buy a home, your life will get busier and more expensive for a while before it gets better....

Do you have the time to communicate with us so we can help you through the process?

Do you have time to apply with a lender and track downfall the documents the lender needs to pre-approve you?

Do you have the margin you need to save up some money for the down payment, closing costs, and cash reserves?

Do you have the time to go look at homes and the energy to to sort through all your options for the one you want?

Do you have the emotional stability for the ups and downs of the buying adventure? 

When you are ready to get started, I am ready to help! I am eager to provide the coaching, information, access, protection, and help you need to have a great experience finding and buying the home you love- and you don't have to pay me anything, ever! 

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