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Where Do We Start?

How much do you think it is worth?

What number do you already have in mind? Why do you think it is worth that price? 
Your number is probably based on a combination of knowledge about what other sellers have asked for or received, web-based value estimates, etc, and personal factors like how much you paid to buy and improve it, how much you need to get out of it to move forward, etc…

What does the market data suggest?

I’ll do the market research to tell you how much similar homes been selling for, and how many other sellers are competing for the next buyers. We will evaluate the data together to understand the price range where buyers are most likely to see value for your house

What are your goals?

I’ll help you choose a price within the data-indicated range, based on your priorities, bottom line, and timeline. The lower the price you choose to start with, the faster it will sell. Do you have the time flexibility to try for a price higher in the range?

What Is The Real Value?

It Is Really Worth What A Buyer Will Pay

The price you and I think it should sell for (no matter how data-informed) is just a speculative number until a real buyer writes you a real contract and pays you real money for it. Buyers are always looking for what they feel is a good deal. They will buy it only if they love it more than their other choices. They will pay only as much as they think they need to pay to keep you from selling it to someone else.

How Do We Know What Buyers Think?

We’ll prepare your house to show its very best & we’ll market it effectively (ask me for more info).  We will learn what buyers think of your price by how they respond…

Lots of showings & multiple offers show us that buyers think the price is great. Several showings & a good offer or two show us that buyers think the price is just right. Some showings with ok feedback but no good offers shows us that buyers think the price is a little too high. Few showings with negative feedback and no reasonable offers shows us that buyers think the price is much too high.

How Do We Maximize Profit?

We Price It Competitively To Start

Your house will be noticed by the most buyers when we start marketing. Current buyers will come look if they like your price. They’ll make quick, good offers if they think your house is a good value. They’ll make great offers if they know they are competing. Current buyers will pass you by if they think your price is too high. The longer your house has been on the market, the bigger the discounts future buyers will expect.

We Will Keep Our Eye On The Competition

I will let you know whenever your current competition adjusts their price or status and whenever new competition comes on the market. We can adjust your price and marketing message as needed to stay one step ahead of your competition.

We Will Plan Strategic Fine-Tuning

Let’s plan to make small price adjustments each week or two until we get the showings & offers you need. Pre-planned fine-tunings will save you from the stress of trying to figure out if and when to adjust. We’ll only adjust if there are no interested buyers still thinking about it or new showings scheduled. The faster we find the price that motivates current buyers, the better your bottom line will be.

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