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3 Simple Home Staging Ideas

Did you know that homes that are staged tend to sell faster and for more money than homes that aren’t? Aesthetic appeal is one of the most powerful ways to market a house. If you are entering into a transition season that might lead to a move, consider these home improvement tips!

1. Declutter

I love a good salt and pepper shaker collection, but the masses may not. The most important part of staging a house is creating an environment where anyone from anywhere can visualize their life there. Pack up your collections, put away unnecessary decor, store your family photos, clean up the "junk", and take a load to your local thrift store. As the final touch, leave all desks, counters, and tables free of paper and piles.

2. Neutralize Rooms

If your favorite color is hot pink, it probably means you have a great personality. However, if it is time to sell, it would be beneficial to paint those hot pink walls a more neutral color. Take away the things in your house that might prevent a person from visualizing their life there. The best case scenario in staging is to find a balance between creating a "blank-space" house (empty, vacant, no personality), and a "one-of-a-kind" house (hot pink walls, camel statues everywhere, black get the picture).

Keep it cozy, simple, and inviting.

3. Tidy Up

The details are key when staging a home. The things that seem unimportant to most people preparing to sell tend to be some of the most important things to the overall feel of a home. When a buyer comes, you want them to feel like the home is clean and well taken care of. You can have the most modern couch, several $100 throw pillows, and a blanket of gold accenting your living room, but if the baseboards are covered in a layer of dust and there are strange odors around the house, you are giving off a bad impression for a potential buyer. Think small: clean the windows, scrub the toilets, and yes, wipe the baseboards. As the finishing touch, get a vase of flowers to put as your centerpiece, and open up your blinds and windows for some natural light and fresh air.

If you are thinking about listing your house, let us know. We love helping people through the preparation phase!


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