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Staycation Preparation

Many of us have canceled trips and vacations due to the Coronavirus this summer. While it may feel disappointing to have plans change, it is still possible to make a special (and epic) week right at home! Prioritizing rest and family time is still key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle; especially in these crazy times! Below are a few ideas that will help you prepare for the ultimate staycation.

Prepare House

It can be hard staying at home and not also staying busy with "regular life" busyness. It is important that during your staycation, you feel free to truly enjoy time off. Do all your house cleaning, laundry, and organizing before your staycation begins. Prepare your outdoor spaces to feel like the resort it is about to be! If you tackle those chores in advance, you will be free to enjoy a good book, family game night, a bonfire with s'mores, and whatever else your staycation provides!

Prepare Activities

It is too easy to get sucked back into "normal life" during your staycation unless you plan out your days. If planning is your style, this one is for you! Write down your staycation plan with all of your desired activities for the whole family to see. Include your rest time, adventure time, together time, and apart time to ensure that you maximize the time off as much as possible. CAUTION: if you are not a planner, stay mindful of how you are using your time off. Before you know it, you may be using your vacation hours to deep clean your house!

Prepare Meals

Planning the meals you will eat each day will also help you maximize play time. It's more work ahead of time to pick up all the groceries, meal prep, and plan places to go out to eat, but it will be worth it to make your staycation as relaxing and mindless as possible!


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