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How To Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Most of us have experienced a dramatic increase of our time spent at home recently, and it's possible you are starting to feel the burn from it. Here we are, mid-summer, and you are looking for some ideas to better enjoy your outdoor space. Look no further! Below you will find four fun ways to enhance your backyard.

Create a Lounge Space

Are you a hammock goer? Or perhaps a couch curler? Maybe a seat percher? Whatever your relaxation style, providing a set apart space where the entire role of that area is to help you lounge can be just the thing to help you enjoy your outdoor space more!

Spruce Up the Shed

Always remember, just because a shed is a practical structure, it doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Try changing the color to something bold, adding a welcome mat and wreath, adding shutters or flower boxes, or string some lights to add some pizzaz! This will help keep the overall feel of your outdoor space beautiful!

Outdoor Movie Theater

This feels out of reach for many, but it doesn't have to! You can create your very own outdoor movie theater by following these simple steps:

1. Find a white sheet

2. Mount it on a flat surface

3. Gather up the pillows, blankets, cushions

4. Pop the corn

5. Project until your heart's content.

Flaunt the Fire Pit

Picture it with me: crickets are chirping, stars are shining bright, you hear the light crackle of a fire as you roast your perfectly golden brown (or charred black depending on what you are into) marshmallow as you sit around the fire pit with your loved ones. Sounds like a pretty ideal summer night, right? Well, this could be your reality! Surprisingly easy to build yourself, (or purchase), these grates could turn a drab summer around!

Caution: Always keep a look out for current fire bans! Colorado weather frequently changes, as do fire restrictions.


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