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How to Achieve Maximum Coziness in Your Home

I doubt I am alone in saying that after Christmas is passed, it becomes harder to embrace the long, dark winter months. Maybe you look forward to gardening, hiking, clear roads, or later sunsets, but as we have several months left in winter, let's embrace the beauty of it. There is, indeed, joy to be found in the quieter months of the year!

If you’d like mix things up, here are a few categories to focus on in order to channel your coziest self and make an intentionally delightful day out of cold days. The three categories even rhyme to help you remember them on the coldest of days!

M o o d

Candles are a key ingredient to a supremely comfortable room. Not only do they provide gentle, warm light to the atmosphere, but they also add warmth and delicious scents to your space.

Pro-tip: If you wrestle with the winter blues, choose a summery scent, such as coconut and floral.

Decorations are the key ingredient when creating yourself a space that helps you feel safe & warm. Try sheepskins, plush throw pillows, and comfy cushions make for an inviting space. Cover the surfaces around you in as many luxurious fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle down!

F o o d

Each of us has a snack, drink, or meal that helps us to relax and warmup on cold days. Wether it be hot coco, beef stew, or cinnamon sweet potatoes, be sure to have your ingredients on hand when the weather starts to go south. Mix your ingredients with care, slowly taking in the smells of coziness.

Pro-tip: The more un-rushed you are as you prepare your drink/meal/snack, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be when you consume.

I n c l u d e

These are the things you want to include when you seek to have the coziest day of your life:

Fire. If a candle is all you can arrange, make it happen. If your living situation provides a fire place, power on that bad boy (or better yet, build it), and watch the flames, hear the crackle, and watch as your cold wintery heart warms all the way up.

Activity. Maybe you're a board-gamer. Maybe you're a snowshoer. Maybe you're a movie watcher. Maybe you're a book reader. Maybe you're a candle maker. Whatever is your cozy activity, be intentional about prioritizing it with your loved ones on cold days.

Music. Soundtracks make everything better. Create yourself a cozy day playlist (or find a pre-made one on Spotify), and listen away!

I hope these ideas help you as you continue to make the most of winter!


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