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Downsizing in Three Steps

Downsizing can be hard - a smaller place means you don’t have room for all of your current possessions. If you are making a move from a larger home to a smaller home, or if you are hoping to declutter and simplify your life, this blog is for you! Downsizing is an opportunity to refresh and start new. Getting rid of old belongings can give freedom to fill your new place with the things you really love.

1. Plan

If you are moving, take a visit to your new home, take some measurements of bedrooms, storage rooms, etc, and find out roughly how much you need to downsize. If you are staying in the same place, create a rough plan of which bedrooms you would like to clear, which storage rooms you would like to declutter, and closets you would like to empty. If you are getting rid of large furniture, prepare movers, trucks, transportation, etc. In all cases, start with clearing larger items first, smaller items last. It will keep you from shuffling around large pieces unnecessarily.

2. Sort

If you haven't worn it in 2 years (wedding dress aside), it's probably time to ditch it.

Will you use it? It’s easy to convince yourself that "one day", you will have use for that extra coffee pot, but if it is a duplicate or multiple, get rid of the one you don't use.

3. Prioritize

Memories are the primary reason that clutter dominates the majority of our homes. Pictures, old books, things we want to pass to our children, and more, can take up more space in our home than the things we are currently using/needing. One way to minimize this type of clutter is by going digital with photos. Photo albums can take a lot of space, and while going digital may take a little bit of time, it is worth the sacrifice. For the meaningful items that you've held onto that seem hard to get rid of, try regifting them to close family or friends. Another strategy is donating old goods to your local thrift store.

Downsizing can be emotional. You will discover things you haven’t seen in a long time, and you will need to decide what to do with them. Give yourself some time to reminisce, and then make the decision on what stays and what goes. Keep in mind your space limitations. Take with you what is truly valuable - only you can decide what you can’t live without.



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