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Decorate for Summer?

We decorate for Winter. We decorate for Fall. We decorate for Spring. Somehow, Summer is often the missed opportunity for a wonderful fresh home feel. Read on to find out how you can enhance the Summer feel in your home with materials that can fit into ONE storage bin!


If you have a neutral colored couch or chair, adding bright, colorful throw pillows is a great way to dramatically change the feel of the room. Is there an easier way to redecorate? Light, small, and therefore easy to store, pillows are an ideal summer decor item!


Lemon. Rose. Lavender. Coconut. Jasmine. One whiff of any one of these scents (or a masterful combination of several of them) automatically brings me to a peaceful, sunny Summer day. Candles tend to feel wintery, and if you are like me and don't have AC, it may be wise to avoid producing extra heat in an already warm home. A great, refreshing solution to this problem is an oil diffusor! Add a few drops of your favorite summer essential oils, and wallah! You have created a Summer Staycation in your own living room! You can also change out soaps, air fresheners, and laundry detergent for that extra summer kick.


The title says it all! A front door wreath will greet you and your guests with a happy summer smile. Do bright flowers scream summer to you? Or a simple leafy green wreath? Maybe one that features lemons and oranges? Be creative and have fun! You can purchase one, or you can make it yourself! Easy to store, easy to hang!

Table Cloth

Like the rest, table cloths are easy to store and easy to change out! Pick out the table cloth or runner of your dreams, and watch your dining area transform! Like the wreath, you can pick whatever feels the most like summer to you. Maybe it's flowers, maybe its classic picnic pattern, maybe its fruit or flamingos! Summer is a season worthy of celebrating and enjoying in your own dining room!


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