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Selling your house would give you freedom to move where you want...

You’ve been taking care of your house and you probably have equity...

Is this a good

time for you

to sell?

Does the time of year matter?

The market is seasonal

  • Sales volume is typically at its lowest around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays

  • Activity typically starts to pick up after the new year, and it continues to rise through the spring

  • The summer months are typically the busiest months

  • Activity usually stays strong through the fall


Competition is seasonal too

  • Since conventional wisdom says to sell in the busier times, most sellers start marketing in the Spring and Summer

  • Interestingly, the ratio between available homes and sold homes stays constant all year

  • The average number of days it takes to sell stays consistent in every season


Pick the timing that’s best for you

  • The best time to sell your house has much more to do with when you are ready, and when you want or need to move than it does with the season


Whenever you are ready to sell, I will help you get the most money possible, in the timing that works for you, with minimum hassle and surprises.

How is the market?

Money is available & rates are good

  • Lenders are making loans that make sense

  • Buyers can qualify as long as they are responsible and ready

  • Interest rates are excellent now, but they will go up sometime

  • Every 1% rise in rate would reduce buying power by 10%

  • This is a great time to sell your house!


Competition is low

  • Buyers are looking for great homes, and there aren’t too many for them to choose from

  • Builders are building lots of new homes to try to meet the demand

  • This is a great time to sell your house!


Prices are high

  • Your house is probably worth substantially more today than what you paid for it

  • There is a limit to how much you can sell for, even in this market, but if you are realistic you should be able to sell fairly quickly

  • We may be able to get buyers competing with each other to buy your house

This is a great time to sell your house if you are ready to take advantage of it!

How do you take advantage of it?

You need a trusted adviser

  • I ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts and desires

  • I gather, analyze, and interpret data for you

  • I help you navigate the process and identify your options

You can make wise, informed choices that benefit you!

You need a skilled promoter

  • I prepare high-quality marketing to highlight the value of your house

  • I broadcast your message to the four places buyers are looking

  • I follow up with interested buyers and encourage them to take action

You can sell your house successfully!

You need a strong negotiator

  • I try to get buyers competing for your house

  • I apply my skills and experience to negotiate the best offer for you

  • I protect your interests and your money like they are my own

You can get the best terms for your sale!

You need an effective advocate

  • I protect you from avoidable risks and surprises

  • I lead a team of professionals working to make your life easy

  • I coordinate all the people, paperwork, and communications

You can complete your sale and close smoothly!

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