Thanks For Recommending & Introducing Me!


I really appreciate you recommending me to the people you care about!  I'll do everything I can to meet their needs in a way that honors God and makes them glad you introduced us.

I'd love to connect with them as early as possible, whether they are ready to buy or sell something right away or they are just dreaming about possibilities for the future.  You want them to have the best information and advice so they can make the best choices.  The earlier I get connected with them, the more helpful I can be to them.

My first choice would be for you to make a direct introduction when you first tell them about me.  You could just call me right then!

I understand that it's not always possible or comfortable to call right then, so I've created several resources below to make introducing us easy for you.

Below are resources to help you introduce us to those you know who are interested in Real EstateThese tools are here for you to give to anyone you'd like.  

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Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.25.04 AM.png
Please share your thoughts about recommending & introducing me to people you care about who might be thinking about buying or selling homes:

I won't call them until or unless you tell me it is OK, but please tell me as much about them as you can so I'm ready whenever I hear from them.

Thanks for sharing!



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