Is it time to make a change? I will help you get smoothly and successfully from where you are to where you want to be.


What will you gain?

The best place to start is by being clear about where you want to get to and why. What will you be able to do in new home that you can’t do in your current house? What will you enjoy about your new home more than where you live now?


Is it worth the effort?

Buying, selling, and moving simultaneously requires significant energy, but it is well worth the exertion if you are happy with how it turns out.


What could possibly go wrong?

Success depends on lots of complicated and interconnected pieces coordinating well and coming together smoothly, so if even one piece doesn’t work out well, the costs could start to outweigh the benefits.


You could hit a snag in one part of the process and be suddenly stressed about other parts that had been going well. 


You could sell the house you have and have to move but have trouble finding and securing the home you want.


You could find the home you love but miss it because the one you have hasn’t sold fast enough.


You could secure the home you want but be stuck still having to pay for the old one  until you are able to sell it.

You need skilled help

to reduce your risk and 

boost your success!

I am your advisor

I ask the questions that help you clarify and focus on what is most important to you. I identify and explain the options available to you so you can plan your strategy. I gather and analyze the information you need to make good choices that benefit you. I help you predict how much your current house will sell for and what your net profit will be. I show you prepare your house to sell for its potential. I help you evaluate whether you have to sell first to buy or whether you can control the timing.

I am your guide

I give you the freedom to explore without hassle or pressure so you can find the new home you love. I help you confirm your maximum and ideal price range. I make you aware of all the available homes that might interest you. I give you access to all the homes you want to see.

I am your promoter

I prepare the marketing message that displays the value of your current house and attracts buyers in the four places they are looking so you can sell it for maximum profit. I create professional pictures, video, drone footage, floor plan, and more. I broadcast your message to online search engines and thousands of real estate websites. I optimize your appeal to the realtors who bring the buyers. I make custom signage and flyers that promote your house to drive-by buyers. I highlight the best features and benefits of your home to shoppers. I follow up with potential buyers to encourage them to choose your house.

I am your negotiator

I use my skill and experience to seek the best terms for you and to protect your money and your interests like they are my own. I get buyers competing for the house you’re selling so you get good offers. I write a contract with terms that benefit you for the home you love. I defend your interests whenever there are challenges.

I am your advocate

I protect you from avoidable risks and surprises by managing the hundreds of details required for your success. I keep track of the dates and deadlines and make sure things get done. I coordinate the people, paperwork, events, and communications. I manage a team of professionals working for to get you what you want.

Let’s work together to get you safely & successfully to where you want to be!