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and the truth that frees you

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe


You don’t need help


Your success depends on lots of interconnected pieces coordinating well and coming together smoothly. You need an expert coach, promoter, negotiator, and advocate to prepare and price your house to impress buyers so you maximize your profit, show your house to potential buyers and convince them to choose it, negotiate a great agreement for you, and then manage the thousands of details so you successfully close your contract and reach your goals. My help will minimize your risk, boost your success!


My help is too expensive


My effective marketing that highlights the value of your house and optimizes your message in all the places buyers are looking helps you maximize your profit. My skillful negotiation and attentive advocacy secure the best terms for you and protect you from expensive hassles and heartbreaks.


You should wait until you know you’re ready before asking for help


The earlier I start helping you, the better strategy we can plan to get you what you want. It doesn’t cost any more to have me start helping as soon as you start thinking about selling.


You have to wait until the right time of year


There are more sales in some seasons than others, but the ratio of available to sold homes, and the time it takes to sell, stay pretty consistent. There are always buyers looking for a great house at a fair price. We can successfully sell your house whenever you need to sell.


You need an appraisal to know how to price your house


Regardless of how much you want it to be worth, or what an appraiser tells you it should be worth, your house is actually worth what a qualified buyer will pay you for it. I will help you price your house for maximum profit so you can sell it without having to pay for an appraisal.


Good preparation isn’t essential


Taking time before we start marketing to prime your house so it impresses buyers will help you sell faster and make more money. Taking time to gather all the relevant information and share it with buyers sets them at ease and motivates them to choose your house.


You can’t control the timing of your sale


I will broadcast your marketing message to current buyers. We will know quickly how the current buyers respond to your home and its price, so you can adjust as needed to get the results you want. You can reduce your price to motivate offers and secure a quick contract.


Surprises and setbacks are unavoidable


As your advocate, I work hard protect you from avoidable risks and surprises. I prevent most problems by anticipating them and proactively avoiding them. I keep track of the dates, deadlines, and details to make sure it all gets done. I coordinate the people, paperwork, events, and communications. I manage a team of professionals working for your success. With my help, you can successfully sell your house.

For additional info about home selling myths (and much, much more), check out our Home Selling Toolbox!

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