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You have a Dream

Owning your own home has often been called the American dream.

you want control

Having control over your own space gives you amazing freedom and security.

you seek wealth

Buying a home is a great investment in your future because it lets you build wealth with money you’d have to be spending anyway.

you are 


You have the motivation, maturity, and moxie to succeed.

How Is the Market?

Money is available & rates are good

•  Lenders are making loans that make sense

•  You should be able to qualify as long as you are responsible and ready

•  Interest rates are excellent, now, but they are going to go up sometime

•  Every 1% rise in rate would reduce your buying power by 10%

This is a great time to buy your home!

Great homes are available

•  People are selling great homes to buy the new homes they want

•  Builders are building lots of new homes to meet the demand

This is a great time to buy your home!


Prices are rising quickly

•  The sooner you act, the better the choices you will have in your price range

•  Once you buy, the value of your home will probably keep going up

•  There is a lot of competition for the good homes that come available

This is a great time to buy your home if you are ready to take advantage of it!

How do you take advantage of it?

You need a trusted adviser

•  I ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts and desires

•  I gather, analyze, and interpret data for you

•  I help you navigate the process and identify your options

So you can make wise, informed choices that benefit you!

You need a competent guide

•  I connect you with excellent lenders to maximize your buying power

•  I inform you about all the available homes that match your desires

•  I give you access to all the homes you want to see

So you can find the home you love!

You need a strong negotiator

•  I craft an offer the the home you want, with terms that benefit you

•  I apply my skills and experience to negotiate the best terms for you

•  I protect your interests and your money like they are my own

So you can get the best deal on the home you choose!

You need an effective advocate

•  I protect you from avoidable risks and surprises

•  I lead a team of professionals working to make your life easy

•  I coordinate all the people, paperwork, and communications

So you can complete your purchase and close smoothly!

You choose when the time is right.

You never have to pay me

•  My help is completely free to you, whether you buy or not

•  You are free to explore ideas without any cost or obligation

•  You can start anytime—just call me to let me know when we could talk for a few minutes

You choose whether you want to move forward—no pressure ever!


You never have to hurry

•  You can take all the time you wish to ask questions and get comfortable

•  You can take all the time you need to optimize your loan options and boost your buying power

•  You can take all the time you want to explore homes and choose the one you love

You can take all the time you require to ask questions and research your new home before you complete your purchase


You never have to regret

•  You can take the first steps right away, and I’ll help you get everything prepared so you’re ready to take action quickly when the right home comes along

You can secure the home you love when the time is right for you, with no regrets over missed opportunities because you weren’t ready fast enough

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