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If you have the time and budget for it, buying a brand-new home, built the way you want it, with the details and finishes you love is exciting and rewarding!

Traditional House

If a new home is the right fit for you, I will help you secure the details that make you happy, and I will protect you through the whole process.


Check Out Neighborhoods & Builders

Let’s go visit builders to see what you like! We can walk through the models to see how they feel to you. The sales representatives will have more information than we can find online.


Please include me in the conversation if you visit builder models. I can only represent and protect you if the builder knows you are working with me.

What Options Do You Have Time For?

Some inventory homes are available now. If an available home fits your preferences, this can be a great option! Builders often have incentives on inventory homes.


Some homes are under construction. These homes will be coming available in the next few months. You may be able to pick some of options and colors.


Some lots are available for a dirt-start. You get to pick the floor plan, lot, options, details, and colors. These homes will take 6-9 months to build.

Should You Use The Builder’s Lender?

Most builders offer valuable incentives if you work with their preferred lender. It usually makes sense to at least talk with their lender to make sure you are comfortable.


Choose The Neighborhood & Builder

Builders are usually building in several developing neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods have at least a couple of builders to choose from. Let’s find the right combination of neighborhood and builder for you.

Choose The Floor Plan & Lot

Once you know which neighborhood and builder you want, we can meet with the sales representative to secure your new home. We will review the floor plans and variations to confirm the best fit for you. We will get pricing on all the options that interest you, so you can have your home built just how you want. We will choose the lot you like best for your new home. Once you are comfortable with the plans, we will sign a contract with the builder and give them an deposit to get your project started.

Choose The Details

The builder will schedule a couple of fun appointments for you. At the design center you get to choose your flooring, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint colors and other finish details. At the technology center you get to choose the electronics and smart-home features you want to include.


Stop By As Often As You Want

You are welcome to drive by to see the progress and take pictures as often as you want. If you want to get out to walk around, please check in with the builder so they can make sure you are safe.

Construction Meeting & Frame Walk

We will usually meet with the building superintendent at the beginning of the process to review the plans and confirm the details you have chosen. We will usually walk through your home once it is framed, wired, and plumbed, so we can confirm that everything is right before they do drywall and finishing.

Orientation And Final Walk

Once your home is complete, we will walk through again with the builder. They will show you how everything works and explain what you need to do to care for your new home. We can flag any flaws we find in the finishes, so they can correct them before you move in. We will walk through a final time before you close so we can confirm that everything is corrected, clean, and ready for you to move in.


The builder will warranty the workmanship, typically for a year. If you have any big problems, they will come fix them quickly. You can keep a list of nuisance items for them to address after a year.

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