Step 2 of How To Sell A Home


Buyers who are looking for a house will want to buy mine when they...

 1.  know about it, and 
2.  think it looks like a good deal, and
3.  come see it, and 
4.  like how it feels, and 
5.  feel like the value is greater than the price.

my house will sell in today's market when it is...

PRICED accurately to attract interested buyers who have choices.

Thanks for helping me choose my pricing strategy!

PROMOTED effectively to capture the attention of buyers who are looking

Thanks for marketing my house so it gets noticed!

PREPARED compellingly to awaken the desire of buyers who visit.

Thanks for showing me how to prepare!

what steps can i take to attract buyers?

Step 1

Prepare For Pictures And Showings

How do I prepare my home to look its best online and in person?

Step 2

Authorize Priority Home To Start Marketing

What do you need from me so you can start advertising my home?

Step 3

Impress Interested Prospects Who Visit

How do I get buyers to fall in love with my home when they come look?