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A deeper look at selling

MY PRIORITY IS helping you



I ask questions to help you clarify your desires & priorities, and I gather, analyze, and interpret data for you, and I help you navigate the process and identify your options, so you can make wise, informed choices that benefit you.



I prepare high-quality marketing to highlight the value of your house, and I broadcast your message to the four places buyers are looking, and I follow up with interested buyers to encourage them to take action, so you can attract more buyers and offers.


I try to get buyers competing with each other for your house, and I apply my skills & experience to negotiate the best terms for you, and I protect your money and your interests like they were my own, so you can get the most for your sale.


I take the steps to protect you from avoidable risks and surprises, and I lead a team of professionals to make your life as easy as possible, and I coordinate all the people, paperwork, events, and communications, so you can complete your sale and close smoothly.

MY PRIORITY IS helping you


Selling your home is an emotional experience

You committed a lot of your time, energy, and creativity into this home, and you have lots of memories associated with it, plus it is probably one of your biggest financial investments; so getting it ready to show, having it judged by others, and handing it over to someone else may stir up more feelings than you expected.

You can expect to feel both high and low emotions

Along the way to celebrating a successful sale, most sellers experience confidence and insecurity, motivation and discouragement, worry and hope, energy and weariness, confusion and clarity, frustration and relief.  Your ups and downs are very normal.

I care about you and what you are feeling

My mission is to take great care of you as I help you sell your house. Please share your thoughts and feelings with me.  When you have victories to celebrate, or worries to process, or anger to vent, or grief to share, I am here for you, and I care about you.

I help you keep good perspective

I love to sort through your expectations and questions and emotions with you to help you see the big picture and choose the actions that keep you moving toward your goals.  Thanks for sharing this journey with me!  I am committed to your success.

MY PRIORITY IS helping you


The people you love make your house a home 

Home is more than a physical structure you can sell or a financial asset you can redirect. These are just tools you can use to care for, and share life with the people who matter to you—your spouse, your kids, your extended family, and your friends. Your relationships give your life more meaning than things ever could, and they will  still be important long after we have sold this house. 

You can deepen your important relationships

The people you care about may be going through their own high and low emotions as you work together to sell and get moved.  Instead of ignoring or getting frustrated with each other, this is a great time to grow closer by listening, understanding, forgiving, caring, and cooperating.  

I encourage you to prioritize your relationships!

My purpose is to inspire you to get to the end of this home-selling journey closer to the people you love than you were at the beginning.  I want to motivate you to strengthen your most valuable relationships and support you as you deepen your life-giving connections, so that the home you move into will be even more home than this one has been.

MY PRIORITY IS helping you


You were made for more than here and now

No possession, or financial gain, or even close relationship can ever fully satisfy your heart. Something deep inside you is always wanting something more, because you were created to be in heaven forever with God to explore and enjoy His infinite goodness.

Your perfect home is being prepared for you

The endless joy you long for may feel out of reach, and you may worry that God will reject you as unworthy of His attention or demand that you correct your problems before He wants you (like some buyers might do with your house).  GOOD NEWS!  He already knows all of your flaws, but He wants you anyway!  He has chosen you, and Jesus paid the highest possible price (actually giving up His own life) for you.  He wants to restore and remodel you into the perfection He had in mind for you when He made you, so He doesn’t even expect you to clean yourself up before you give Him the keys and let Him get started.

I pray for you to experience God's perfect love for you

Whether you already know God or not, I pray that through this adventure your desire for His grace and goodness will grow sharper, your understanding of His love for you will grow deeper, and your trust in Him will grow stronger as you give Him more and more control.  Let’s encourage each other to move toward the only home that can satisfy our hearts—being at peace in the perfect love of God, with nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to fear.

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